Saturday, May 3, 2014

Raspberry Pi Picture Frame Post 4 Mounting Components

Well I finally got back to working on this project. It has been to long but thats what happens when you have so many projects going on. I finally got everything mounted to the back of the monitor and the wiring finished, I have not had time to completely check the wiring due to the fact that I changed what IO I used so my config files were not setup properly. The next step is to make a new sd card that only has the required software on it instead of the having all of the extra programs that I installed when I first tried to get this working. After I know the everything is working properly it will be time to make the frame and finish up the project. So close to being done but yet so much more to go. Below you can see the final wiring and placement for everything. I may end up having a flash drive for picture storage that way I can have more space than just the sd card, but currently I need that usb slot for a mouse and keyboard.

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