Friday, May 2, 2014

Quad Copter Revision 2 Post 3

Well After getting the helicopter built the project got turned over to student in my class. They were designing and building quad copters. The students designed one and the components for it we could not get because they were back order or we were unable to buy things from certain websites. So I gave them the task of shortening the wires, getting everything all hooked up and making it fly. After a while the students were finally ready to fly. When the first spun the props up the little tabs i had holding the arm in the open position were not big enough, so the students replaced them with longer screws. The next time we spun the props up the arms were not strong enough and the one motor just ripped itself completely off the arm. In the hope of saving weight I had the walls on the arm set pretty thin as well as did not have much of a fill. I now have a lot of redesigning to do to strengthen the arms up so I can get the helicopter to fly

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