Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quad Copter Revision 2 Post 1

As we all know there is never just one project going on and this one has been going on a while as well. This project is partially job related. My first quad copter was made purely out of laser cut plywood. It got the job done and actually fly very nicely. This time I had access to a 3D printer. This quad copter was designed so that parts could be made with a 1 part mold. I added draft to the parts to allow them to release from the mold better. The quad copter was designed to be collapsible for easier storage and transportation.

Now I do have most of my parts already printed. and I have started to assemble everything. Unluckily pictures will have to come another day. Currently I have 13 pieces printed. All of the big pieces can be molded very easily. However before I do that I have a bunch of modifications to the cad files that I need to do. Once I get the files a little closer to finished I will put them all up of Thingiverse just like my first quad.

Parts list
  • 4x 1100KV MS2216 T-Motor (Link)
  • SkyWalker Quattro 25Ax4 ESCs (Link)
  • 4x 10x45 Props
  • Arducopter 2.6 (Link)
  • 3DR 915mhz Telemetry 
  • Custom Roll/Tilt GoPro 3 Camera Mount

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