Monday, December 8, 2014

Raspberry Pi Picture Frame Post 14 Final

At this point I believe the project is complete minus one part. Finishing the frame but that is going to wait until the final user chooses how they want it finished. Major software changes since last time where
  • When pictures are re-sized they are moved to a new folder then the originals get deleted. 
  • Frame can now be programmed to turn the screen on or off at given times because it knows if the frame is on or not. 
  • Divided some of the scripts up into separate scripts for easier troubleshooting 
  • Made the button to turn off the screen have 3 functions (no limit to number of functions)
    • 1 turn screen off. (quick press)
    • 2 preform a sync with google (press until blue led turn off about 3 seconds)
    • 3 power off the pi (press until pi starts shutting down. about 5 seconds)
Overall I am really happy with how the project came out. All of the individual pieces have come together to make a really neat picture frame that looks exceptionally nice. Here is a copy of all of my scripts used and Here is the stuff for the weather,If you have any questions all you have to do is ask.

Mount holding monitor in framePower button with Blue LED
Back View


  1. Hi I can't open the schematics.

    1. I fixed the image on post 13 so you can see the schematic there